Scots Language Awards
Hands up for Trad Present
  Saturday 24 September 2022
  Gardyne Theatre

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Jine us tae celebrate Scots culture an leid alang wi a gaitherin o kenspeckle fowk fae aa the airts includin Award Winnin Comedian, Bruce Fummey an Poet, Hamish Macdonald at the 4th Scots Language Awards.

Ilka year The Awards gie richtfu recognition tae the mony dedicatit fowk an organisations wha in times lang syne an noo gie thir aa tae makin shair the guid Scots leid is keepit tae the fore in its culture, music an wirds.

The Gardyne Theatre alang wi Dundee's verra ain Social Media star Len Pennie an scriever an broadcaster Alistair Heather wull host a gledsome nicht divotit tae music, poetry an wirds ower 11 sindry categories includin Scots Speaker, Scots Performer as weel as the verra special Janet Paisley Services to Scots Award.

First brocht forrit in 2019 as pairt o the United Nations International Year o Indigenous Languages, the Awards gae back tae Dundee.

Book noo for a grand nicht o Scots Language an Culture.

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