Fishermans Friends
Neil O'Brien Entertainment Presents
  Sunday 23 October 2022
  Caird Hall

  Tickets: £42.50 Top Price
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  Tickets: £35.50 Second Price
(£32.00 + £3.50 Per Ticket Booking Fee)

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Britain's oldest boy band, The Fisherman's Friends - combined age 401 (and threequarters)- are on tour in 2022/2023! Thanks to the small film with a big heart that shares their name, the story of the original Cornish 'buoy band' is known around the world - bound by shared experience, for 40 years they have met on the Platt on the harbour in their native Port Isaac to sing the songs of the sea.

"And now we can't wait to show the rest of the country what they've been missing - singing live is in our blood, almost as much as the sea," says extravagantly moustachioed MC and bass man Jon Cleave.