Absolute Elvis
GLK Promotions Present
Absolute Elvis
  Friday 11 February 2022
  Caird Hall

  Tickets: £24.00
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  Tickets: £23.50 Concession
(£21.50 + £2.00 Per Ticket Booking Fee)

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Come and see World renowned Elvis Presley Tribute Artist Johnny Lee Memphis. His action packed show involves the musical talents of the JLM band, and the Memphis Belles. Who, when they come together, produce this explosive and dynamic interpretation of Elvis live in concert. The Absolute Elvis Show.

Elvis was Johnny’s very first inspiration. As a small boy Johnny would passionately watch all of Elvis’s movies and listen to his songs. Through the motivation and love of Elvis his aunt Helen started Johnny Singing along and dancing the moves. All for family entertainment at the tender age of only 3. Johnny’s home grown musical talent has since taken him far and wide. He says that although he has had great success in contests and events all around the world, his greatest honour as an Elvis Tribute Artist, was when he was invited to perform as part of the queens jubilee celebrations held in front of thousands of people on George Square Glasgow Scotland.

His career has also led him to meet and work with people who knew Elvis personally. To quote two of Johnny’s favorite critiques about his performance.

“Johnny is doing Elvis proud, when you meet him it’s like you’ve met your new best friend just like it was with Elvis”
Charles Stones (elvis tour manager)


“Boy, you sure brought back a lot of great memories for me with what you just done on that stage”
Sam Thompson (Elvis’ bodyguard & close friend)